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Rental Options



Hourly event rental allows access to Perets' space and common areas during event rental time which should include setup and tear down. A minimum of two hours is required.


7 am - 2 pm Tuesday - Sunday  

7 am - 11 pm on Mondays


On Tuesday - Sunday Perets offers early opening from 1 pm - 3 pm for parties less than 20. With the early opening, guests can come in anytime after 1 pm and stay past the shop's opening.


ALL DAY       

Day / Evening rentals allow access to Perets' space from 7 am to midnight. A Perets team member will be available to assist with setup and tear down for your event and staff will provide open bar for up to 6 hours of your choosing. 

$1000 (M) | $1700 (T-Th) | $2500 (F-Sun)

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OPEN BAR                                                    

A Perets barista will be provided for every 10 party guests offering coffee, tea, and affogatos items from our menu at normal prices. Parties can choose to Pay via tab (host pays) or offer “cash” bar (guest pays): up to 6 hrs for all-day rentals. 

0-20 GUESTS  (Included in Rental)
every 10 guest over 20 (+$10/hour)

KITCHEN SPACE                                                    

Use of Kitchen Prep space during event rental to prepare food items.

+$100 / hour
+600 / all day

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